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Why Cannabis and CBD Producers Should Consider Ultrasonic Cleaning

With the growing demand for cannabis products and stringent government requirements, producers need the fastest, safest, most effective method for cleaning cannabis extraction equipment. Hand washing is time consuming and can’t reach every nook, cranny, and blind hole. The solution is ultrasonic cleaning!

Ultrasonics uses tiny imploding bubbles, caused by sound waves in an aqueous solution, to scrub contaminants from every surface, inside and out. Ultrasonic cleaning gives your parts a precision clean, in just a minutes – with no handwork! 

Pro Ultrasonics equipment comes in a variety of sizes to fit your needs, and our specialized ultrasonic soap is FDA-approved for use on food-grade surfaces. The investment pays for itself in as little as a few months, depending on your volume of cleaning and how much time and labor it saves.

Our customers rave about the ease of use and impressive results, and usually wish they’d bought a unit sooner!

Take a look at our equipment and the tank sizes to see what would work best for you, or call us to speak with an experienced rep who can help determine which unit will best fit your needs: (828) 584-1005. We do have financing options available for all of our free-standing units.

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