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What Is Ultrasonics? An overview

What is ultrasonics, anyway, and how does it work? Ultrasonic cleaning uses ultrasound to agitate a fluid. The high frequency sound waves create cavitation bubbles, which cause the agitation, which removes contaminants from a number of materials (such as metal, plastics, glass, and rubber).

Parts cleaning by hand is very time consuming, tedious, and ineffective. Ultrasonic cleaning allows a more thorough cleaning, as the entire part is totally submerged and the ultrasonic agitation can work through the entire part – holes, cracks, crevices, and all. Cleaning can be done with water and eco-friendly specialty soaps, eliminating the use of hazardous chemicals. 

The process is very fast and efficient. A cycle typically lasts about 1-5 minutes, depending on the object. The part being cleaned, in many cases, doesn’t even require disassembly. This entire process saves you labor, increases productivity, and is safe for the environment.

Using Pro Ultrasonics industrial cleaning equipment will make you and your parts Look Better!

  • Increase Productivity – reduce your labor costs with “hands free” cleaning
  • Go Green – safe for employees and the environment – replace hazardous chemicals with safe aqueous cleaners
  • Precision Cleaning – fast and effective, cleans hard to reach areas, blind holes and crevices in minutes
  • Equipment Variety – equipment sizes available to fit all your cleaning needs, including custom designed systems specific to your cleaning challenge

Contact us today to learn more or to get specific information on how our units can help you get cleaner parts!

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