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VIDEO: Pro Gun Cleaning Demo – Tranq Gun

The local sheriff’s office asked us to clean a tranquilizer gun in one of our ultrasonic cleaning units – this was a first for us! (The type of gun, not the request.) We used our Pro Gun Cleaning unit the PGC 2012, with our general purpose Pro 100 soap. It’s safe on all metals and finishes.

You can see the cloud of contaminants floating off the parts as the sound waves and microscopic bubbles do their magic. Parts that started off covered in rust come out of the water sparkling clean. After the cleaning, we give the parts a good oiling before reassembling the firearm.

We used a single-tank unit for this cleaning, but we also have units with multiple tanks and solid baskets. These can be used to lubricate parts in one of the ultrasonic tanks without changing out solution.

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Click on the image below to play the video.

Pic PGC 2012 Demo tranq gun video