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Perfect for Bike Parts, at Home or Bike Shop

We cleaned one bike’s parts – in 3 minutes, all at once – for a local bike shop. Click the image below to watch the video!

This was with our degreasing Pro 300mix soap in a Pro 1911 heavy-duty bench top cleaner, but our standard-duty (and less expensive) Best Buy unit BB2012 is very close in size and equal in power. The slightly smaller BB 1212 is also a great option for small parts.

Demo video of cleaning bike parts with ultrasonics

Pro unit or Best Buy unit?

The Pro series is designed for heavy, industrial use, built to work a 24-hour workday. Pro units are constructed of heavier stainless steel, with heavy-duty baskets and sturdy lift-over lids, which form drip trays.

The Best Buy series is designed for occasional use in a small shop or home. BB units are standard-duty, with lift-off lids and standard-duty baskets. They also have gentle cycle and de-gas cycle options.

Both lines of ultrasonic cleaners have digital controls and the best cleaning power in the industry from optimally placed, modern piezoelectric transducers. The choice between the two may depend on how heavily and often the unit will be cleaning. For lighter use, the Best Buy series may be a good fit. See more at For frequent or daily use, we recommend the Pro series so you get the best performance and longevity from your machine. 

Perfect for Bike Parts, at Home or Bike Shop