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Magazine Feature on Ultrasonics: “Clean Up at the Gun Counter”

Our Pro Gun Cleaning units were featured in this month’s issue of Shooting Sports Retailer magazine! Check out this beautiful article by Alan Clemons about cleaning guns with our powerful ultrasonics units.

“Ultrasonic cleaning is like a facelift for metal parts, and this includes firearms you service in your store. Adding an ultrasonic cleaner to your shop could be a benefit for you and your customers.”

Link to the pdf file for easier reading: Shooting Sports Retailer Article on Pro Gun Cleaning
Link to the e-version on the magazine’s website:

“The same ultrasonic units used in a jewelry store or medical office can clean everything from the tiniest screws and springs to rifle barrels better than you can with a rag, brush and spray. Guaranteed.”

– Alan Clemons, Shooting Sports Retailer magazine
Shooting Sports Retailer Magazine article pg 1a
Shooting Sports Retailer Magazine article pg 1b
Shooting Sports Retailer Magazine article pg 2b
Shooting Sports Retailer Magazine feature