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Metal Finishing

Pro Ultrasonics Makes You Look Good!

Surface finishing is the first thing your products will be judged on, and this is why Pro Ultrasonics is used in the final prep and critical finishing steps. Whether you are a plater, anodizer, coater, polisher, or any other finish provider, an absolutely clean surface is the most crucial step to achieving the perfect finish. Utilizing the microscopic power of Pro Ultrasonics ensures that your final product will be free of costly defects and makes your company and products LOOK GOOD!

A representative will be happy to assist you in selecting the best washer for your practice’s ultrasonic washing needs. Take a closer look at our specialized line of ultrasonic equipment and contact us for more information:

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"Pro Ultrasonics has been a game-changer in our quality. It's a vital part of what we do everyday. The ultrasonic cleaners give potential customers a comfort level, knowing their parts will be delivered clean."
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Shade McMillen
Metal Finishing for Alloy Wheel
Metal Finishing done for various tools
closeup shot of Metal Finishing for a Gun
Metal Finishing on the wheels on display

Most Popular Models

Many of our surface finishing clients require larger units like the Pro 4230, the automated multi-tank Pro 2315DT3A, or a completely custom unit.

Pro 2013D Ultrasonic Cleaning System

Pro 2013D

Ideal for cell manufacturing, with filtration

closeup shot of the two trays with tools

Pro 2315DT3A

Fully automated wash/rinse/dry system with loading & unloading docks, programmable with touch screen

Pro 4230

Pro 4230

Larger tank for bigger parts

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Custom Unit

We will work with you to design a system to address your specific cleaning needs

A Few of Our Valued Clients

Testimonial from H&M Metal Processing

“I love our ultrasonic cleaners. Pro Ultrasonics has been a game-changer in our quality. 

“With the type of metal treating our company does, everything’s done in a molten salt bath. So everything we process is dipped in salt, and as you can imagine, salt gets everywhere. Even with clean water, it’s very hard to get in the hidden crevices and holes of the parts we work with. 

“We bought our first machine many years ago, and it was used before final inspection because we found the ultrasonics cleaner could remove even the salt residue in the hidden places and blind holes of the parts. 

“Now we have multiple plants, all using Pro Ultrasonics equipment. They even made a couple of custom units to fit some of the different parts we work with. We have at least 5 ultrasonic cleaners in our main facility. It’s a vital part of what we do every day. 

“When we show potential customers through the plant, we make sure to show them the ultrasonic cleaning units. It gives them a comfort level knowing these parts will be delivered clean, and it’s one less thing for them to worry about. If they use other companies in our industry who don’t use ultrasonics, they’re going to have salt residue left on their parts.” 

Shade McMillan, H&M Metal Processing, Akron, OH

“H&M Metal Processing has been using equipment provided by Pro Ultrasonics for the last 20 years.  We have had so much success that we have added new machines to all three of our facilities located across the country.  What we love most is the quality and overall design.  The units are built to last and very easy to maintain, which allows us to process at full capacity with ZERO down time.” 

– Brandon Polito, H&M West, Phoenix, AZ