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Efficiency and Industrial Quality Cleaning

Manufacturers of all types require strict production schedules, minimized down time, and consistent quality products to their end users.  Pro Ultrasonics delivers!  Our Ultrasonic Cleaning Equipment consistently cleans your parts to the most demanding specifications without adding to your production costs (no labor – “hands free cleaning”). Ultrasonics gives you the cleanest part possible using aqueous based cleaners instead of nasty, expensive, hazardous materials.  Standard units range in size from small table top units to large industrial units custom designed for your application.

Many of our models are designed specifically for “cell manufacturing” – self-contained units with filtration, surface skimming and easily mobile to be placed where it’s needed.

If you are a manufacturer, small or large, who is shopping for an ultrasonic cleaning partner, you’ll want to take a closer look at our specialized line of ultrasonic equipment and contact us for more information:

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"If you could show people what this machine does, they’d be in awe at how fast it works, and with fresh smelling soap instead of nasty chemicals – it’s like magic!"
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Most Popular Models

Many of our manufacturing clients require larger units with multiple tanks, like our Pro 2013T3, Pro 2315DT3A, or a completely custom unit.

Pro 2013D Ultrasonic Cleaning System

Pro 2013D

Ideal for cell manufacturing, with filtration

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Pro 2315DT3A

Fully automated wash/rinse/dry system with loading & unloading docks, programmable with touch screen

Pro 2013DT3

Pro 2013DT3​

3-tank wash/rinse/dry system

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Custom Unit

We will work with you to design a system to address your specific cleaning needs

A Few of Our Valued Clients