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Superior Hands-Free Cleaning

Saves Time and Labor

How It Works: A Demo

Ultrasonic cleaning uses high frequency sound waves to create microscopic cavitation bubbles, which remove contaminants – even from blind holes, cracks, and crevices. This hands-free precision cleaning can be done with water and soap – no need for hazardous chemicals. … Read more here.

Ultrasonic Cleaning for Every Industry

Ultrasonics for aerospace and defense industries

Aerospace / Defense

Precision cleaning for mission-critical components

Ultrasonics in the Automotive, Motorcross, and Racing industries

Motorsports / Racing

Best tool for automotive and high-performance parts

Ultrasonics for machining industry


Final clean to remove coolants, cutting oils and loose chips

Ultrasonics for medical devices

Medical Devices

Meet demanding cleaning specs for devices and instruments

Ultrasonics for manufacturing industry


Save production time and maintain quality standards

Ultrasonics in the Tooling and Mold industry

Tooling / Molds

Non-abrasive cleaning preserves your molds

Ultrasonics for metal finishing industry

Metal Finishing

Crucial cleaning for the perfect finish on every surface

Ultrasonics for specialty applications

Specialty Cleaning

Customized cleaning solutions for every specialized process

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Why Clean with Ultrasonics?

Save Money Save Time Save Labor Go green logos

Using Pro Ultrasonics industrial cleaning equipment will make you and your parts Look Better!

– Increase Productivity – reduce your labor costs with “hands free” cleaning
– Go Green – safe for employees and the environment – replace hazardous chemicals with safe aqueous cleaners
– Precision Cleaning – fast and effective, cleans hard to reach areas, blind holes and crevices in minutes
Equipment Variety – sizes available to fit all your cleaning needs, including custom designed systems

See all of our standard models of ultrasonic cleaning equipment and find the best unit for any application – here on the Equipment page.

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